About Us

This blog is about the Dumont Cybernetics team entry into PiWars 2022.

We are a family team made up of Nathan, Katie, John and Charlotte.

This is our second year in PiWars, (check out last year's blog), last year we came somewhere in the middle of our class with Ollie the Robot.

John and Charlotte (6 and 3) are enthusiastic helpers and enjoy feeding the robot healthy snacks (M4 washers apparently). John got quite good at driving after taking the robot on a tour of his school and the pavements around our village.

Nathan is an electronics/RF/embedded design engineer. His blog (nathandumont.com) is somewhat neglected since John came along but contains a history of past exploits in vintage computing and 3D printing.

Katie is an electronics engineer and freelance video content producer with recent work on Element 14 Presents. She has a history of successful mentoring in her role as a local Code Club organiser.

We live in Cornwall and are hoping that our rural location and Katie's family farm will give us a good background for this year's farming theme!